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December 2019

4 Reasons You’re Not Getting Stronger Several years ago I was at a strength training seminar consisting of a handful of training professionals and strength aficionados. Among them was a strong-as-an-ox railroad worker from south Boston. This is the kind of guy who looks at strength feats other people consider impressive levels of achievement and goes “let me try that,” achieving them himself on the very first try. During the seminar, the instructor starts talking about various borderline-silly strategies people in the fitness space use to “improve movement” or to “prime the

One of the best ways to become strongeris to stop spending all your energy focusingon your chest and start paying moreattention to the other muscles involved. Some things never change. Sundays will always be better with football, repeat episodes of Seinfeld will still be funny, and the bench press will always be an exercise that most guys want to improve the most. Maybe it’s because pressing strength is slower to increase than the other big exercises like rows, squats and deadlifts. Or maybe it’s an expression of some sort of evolutionary gym trait. Whatever the

When I first learned how to play tennis, I was told by my instructor that it would take me about 4 weeks to learn how to serve correctly. I know this might not have teach you how to lose weight fast, but understanding tennis will help you learn how to lose fat. While I knew “how” to serve, the mechanics were wrong. My toss sucked, my footwork was off, and I wasn’t even striking the ball in the right place. I could envision what I had to do (we’ve all seen

Break the mold of secrecy You see, most people in online fitness don’t share their prices. There are many reasons, but a lot has to do with marketing. As I shared the details of my program with Charles, he sat waiting to ask the one question he really wanted to know? What small fortune do I need to pay? When I told him our price he was shocked and immediately disappointed. “Sh8t, man. Are you serious? “Yes, I am.” I responded. “Why, what’s wrong?” Charles then began to tell me: “I figured you would be out

How Can You Use ResistanceBands in Your Workout? Resistance bands can be used for at least four different types of exercises: Stretching and mobilityWarm ups and muscle activationResistance training and “getting a pump”Developing the “mind-muscle” connection (learning to better “feel” your muscles working) Each of these goals require you to use the bands slightly differently, but with each example, you can accomplish quite a bit with just a few bands. Resistance Band Stretches and Mobility Work Resistance band stretches can help you overcome the hardest part of stretching — feeling like you are limited by

When you learn about training, almost everything focuses on the usual suspects: How much weight you’ll use The reps and sets The exercise selection And maybe even what you’ll wear to the gym All of these are important. But all of these cover what you do. Notice that they all avoid how to do it. Correct form is important, but so is how you breathe when you lift — and, in particular, learning to master what’s called the valsalva maneuver. If this sounds crazy, well, you’re not alone. Most people think the idea of “learning how to

The Revolving Door of Pain There are really only two ways you could hurt yourself in the gym. Call them “Whoops!” and “Wearing Down.” “Whoops!” refers to times when you do something like drop a dumbbell on your foot and break your toes (not that it would ever happen to you). If you dive into the data, you’ll see these events are breathtakingly rare. Research published in The American Journal of Sports Medicine found that just of 0.2 percent of lifters were admitted to emergency departments—over the span of 18 years. Four times

The pull-up might be the best indicator of upper body strength. Your arms and back have to do an enormous amount of work to lift your entire body, which is why being able to perform many reps is an effective way to improve not just the obvious muscles — your back, arms and forearms — but can also help you build incredible core strength. In fact, as an exercise physiologist and strength coach, I’d go so far as to say that the pull-up is the world’s most under-appreciated way to develop your

Here’s The Good News The ever-wise Dean Somerset wrote a great post on why this seemingly depressing news can be a bit deceiving. Let’s start with basics: even if you were able to add 10 to 20 pounds of muscle (and that would take you years, not months, to do), that extra 100 calories burned per day still wouldn’t give you “the fat-burning capabilities of a furnace on high in Phoenix in July.” But gaining that muscle would still be very helpful for your body — and your fat loss goals. The Takeaway While adding more

The Problem with Bulking and Cutting First, when most people set out to build muscle, they go through a phase where they eat a lot and train a lot. You’ve probably heard it called “bulking.” Then, after a few weeks or months, they switch. Maybe they get self-conscious about the size the gained. Or maybe they think they’re starting to look fat. So they trim back on calories and change their training to try and burn the fat off. This phase is called “cutting.” Most people bounce back and forth between these two